CHINA DIARIES – first day explortion

Category : CHINA DIARIES, lifestyle, travel Paź 22nd, 2014

Let me start from the beginning, which was the breakfast. Or wait a minute, I think I got waken up at 6am because of local sport activities in front of our hotel. But I am going to talk about it later. Let’s get started from the breakfast, which is the most important meal during the day. Not that I am very picky person but the fish …  !

breakfastAfter the breakfast we started our active day. Many old people in China are very active, they gather in some places and together practice dancing, Kung Fu, walking backwards and others. In Front of our hotel there is a special path made out of little stones that you can walk bare foot to massage it. Have a look

rocksrocks3rocks2After this morning warm up we went to explore the city life of Pingtan. This place is not very big, and also not very populated as other Chinese cities, but is still pretty busy. People mostly use electronic scooters to move around. This is maybe convenient for them, but not very pleasant for the pedestrians. They are everywhere, the drive on pavements, they drive  and because they engine is electric, they don’t make any sound. Sometimes they press a horn to announce their existence. It is hard to explain but it feels like one big mess.


Because we didn’t eat much for the breakfast  we wanted to find some food in the city. China is full of places to eat, but it was hard to find a place.  The biggest problem was the smell. Eventually we found this place. The lady wore a Prada shirt so we thought it was a good sign.


My mum went into the kitchen looked inside their pots, and found this yummy dumplings !!! It is really hard for us to communicate here, because nobody can speak english and we don’t understand chines. But even if there are pictures of the food, it is still hard to find what you want. This is China, they eat differently !


Later on we want for a ‚real’ foot massage and I it was amazing, now I feel so REEEEELAXED:) :) :)


And that is why I am going to finish now

Bye bye, see ya later !