CHINA DIARIES – the food fest

Category : CHINA DIARIES, lifestyle, travel Paź 23rd, 2014

Today we started the day with kiteboarding, which is my main purpose of being here. It was pretty cool and windy for my 7m kite and I was happy to finally ride in China. I don’t have pictures from that activity, but you have to believe me it was fun ! After being at the beach for some time, we went to the town to start our food fest. Pingtan is not very touristic place, and for us exploring local food is very exciting because it is very different to what we can find in Europe. However, for the locals we are also extraordinary because we have long noses and we are tall. I had to add that because everywhere we enter, people get very excited and want to take pictures with us. Ok, let’s have a look at todays menu : 米豆腐菜饺子  IMG_6065Hahaha Got ya ! As I said it is not that easy to find good food. The language barrier is pretty big, but we started to speak polish to the locals, and it seems like it is more understandable then english. We are very annoying customers, because we actually go to the kitchen and have a look what they have inside (inside their pots and in the fridge).  But at the end we end up with a pretty good food. IMG_6057 IMG_6064IMG_6061tofuLunch was very good, and so we wanted to find something better for dinner.  We went to the city and tried the street bbq  it was pretty tasty as well. Just have a look !IMG_6007 IMG_6049IMG_6045IMG_6046 What a great day (kitboarding and good food)  let’s cheer it with the smallest beer in the world ! Cheers ! IMG_6012And for the desert … fish Just kidding, this is actually some local sea food, that probably is ‚very delicious’. But I will comeback to it in the next chapter ! Stay tuned Karolina