CHINA DIARIES – the journey

Category : CHINA DIARIES, lifestyle, travel Paź 20th, 2014

So here I am now, on the 25th journey in the 11th country this year. The trip was long as always, Warsaw-Helsinki-Hong Kong-Fuzhou-Pingtan, 22h all together. This time I am travelling with my mum who is so exciting about the entire journey and wants to see everything that it made me appreciate this trip way more than normally. These days flying to the competition it’s a routine for me, I take around 60 -70 flights a year so I am not as excited about it anymore.


Everywhere I go is for the kiteboarding, training or competition. Additionally this time my visit to China is very important because I will be fighting for the first place in the world tour circuit. However, this time I hope to find some time to have a look around this country, and explore the Chinese culture which is surprising us everyday. That is why I want to begin this series ‘CHINA DIARIES’ to share my experiences from this cool adventure.

Below you can find few pictures from my journey.  3 flights, 1;40h in a bus and a 10min TukTuk ride, this is my journey from Warsaw to → PINGTAN ISLAND


And finally NǏ HǍO (HELLO) PINGTAN !!!


Ok that will be it for today, visit my blog more frequently now to find out what is happening next ! And wish my luck for the COMPETITIONNN !!!

Xièxiè (thank you) and huì jiàn (see you later)