HAPPY TIMES ⎜photo story

Category : lifestyle, travel, video Mar 18th, 2015

My off-season holidays are going to be over soon. It was a very successful time for me as I had room to unwind from the 2014 world tour season. I’ve been wave-riding, surfing, sightseeing, snowboarding, and relaxing at home. But I also have had enough time to get myself strong again and prepare for the upcoming season.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 7.50.26 AM

Having these 3 months off competition schedule is like the best award for me, that’s what I am working for. Going to the water and enjoy kiteboarding for myself is the nicest feeling ever.  I am in love with what I am doing, and that’s why I keep sharing my happy moments with all of you, I want to show that it is possible to fulfil your dreams.


When I was younger I would dream about going abroad and kiteboarding every single day, however I had to go to school in Warsaw, which is located 350 km away from the seaside… During that time it was hard for me to watch online other girls kiteboarding every single day in the dream locations.


But I did everything I could to do the same and be able to kiteboard every single day as well!


Right now I can say that I did fulfil my dream from childhood, and I am very happy about that!  I now know that if you believe and work hard it is possible that your dreams will come true!

See the video to see what I mean !