Category : lifestyle, travel Lut 7th, 2015

Being at home and going to the mountains is a little break for me in-between my off-season training.

When I was a kid we used to go to the snow every weekend in winter and to the seaside in summer. At that time I would have never imagined to go to the seaside during winter.

Nowadays my lifestyle has changed and all I see year round is summer, sea and wind. This is what I love and sacrifice every moment of my life for. After I finished high school in 2009 I decided to fully concentrate on kiteboarding and my training. In summer I have to compete, in winter on the other hand I have to prepare for the upcoming season.

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This year I came back from Australia at the end of January, and I realised that I haven’t been to snow in 6 years !!!

The winter in Warsaw was very weak, with almost no snow in the streets. So I asked my dad if he wanted to go with me to the Polish mountains to refresh my memories. My brother was also super keen to join, so all three of us packed the car full of equipment and went to Zakopane ! (the famous winter town in Poland) !


We went only for few days but that was definetly enough to remind me how cold it can be in the mountains. haha! Cold but beautiful, and exciting to do something from my childhood.



I wished to spend more time in the mountains, enjoying my ‘holidays’!  However, going back to my work is not bad either, so I am pretty stoked to go kiting next week in one of my favourite places in the world…

Ps. To see more photos and videos from that trip, checkout my FB page