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This year is special for Polish kiteboarding, because we are celebrating the 10th edition of the tour (FORD KITE CUP). I can remember when I did the very first event in 2006, I was a 16 year old little girl who could only dream about travelling around the world to follow her passion. From that time many things have changed, not only I became a professional athlete, but also FKC became one of the most successful and stable events in the world. 

Martynique 2

FKC is lead by people with the passion and enthusiasm towards kiteboarding and that is why the event is so great and I believe that is also why it’s been around for so many years.


To celebrate the 10th anniversary,  the FKC team organised a trip to Martinique to enjoy kiteboarding and the luxurious caribbean weather. It was my first time to the Island and I had many doubts about the wind, spots etc. However as soon as we arrived, all my doubts were gone. We were welcome in the hotel in a typical way and from that point I was feeling the vibe of the island. On one hand it’s a French island with amazing food and chic hotels but on the other it’s very rustic with local people living an easy lifestyle. The island was like a jungle with a few houses in between all the plants. Palm trees, sandy beaches and blue water, just like you can imagine the Caribbean to be.


This year one of the best photographers in the world came with us :) – Lukas Nazdraczew. He’s so happy to sit in the water all day long to get water shots or do whatever it takes to get a cool angle. I adore working with Lukas because he is always so excited to take photo, and when I jump above him he always cheers me up haha. Shooting with someone like that makes me more motivated and more happy to try new tricks!


Ok, enough dreaming!  Right now am back to Europe and preparing to compete at the polish seaside where the weather is less pleasant but the atmosphere at the beach is as hot as in the Martinique!


The first FKC event is the 8th-10th may at the Hel Peninsula (at camping Chałupy 3) , so come to compete or watch us in ACTION as it’s going to get very hot !!!

With love


Photos : Lukas Nazdraczew(https://www.facebook.com/FotoArtLukasNazdraczew?fref=ts), PawełCzarowski (the gopro man ! )

more info about Ford Kite Cup events at https://www.facebook.com/fordkitecup?fref=ts,