Category : news, travel Lip 10th, 2015

Once again I travelled to Egypt, however this time it was more like a business trip than a kiteboarding adventure.


I was busy from early in the morning till late afternoon with interviews, sightseeing and meetings with the Egyptians. Additionally we were recording an episode for the Discovery Channel about my passion for kiteboarding. So believe me I was on the spot all day long :)

IMG_7116 We started in Cairo, the capital city where I had a chance to see important touristic locations like the Tahrir square, the Nile river, the pyramids and the sphinx. To close the visit, we met with the minister of tourism to discuss my future plans and projects regarding kiteboarding in Egypt.


Afterwards visited El Sokhna the closest sea shore from Cairo. The beach was very similar to the Hurghada area, however fully occupied by the Egyptians tourists.


Next step was Hurghada and Soma Bay where I could finally kiteboard all day long :) Spending 7h on the water wasn’t the smartest move, as in the evening I was barely able to move and next day I would wake up in pain, but as we all know it’s the price you pay, sunburn or sore muscles are the tradeoffs.


The last day before we took off back to Poland, we went to El Gouna, my favourite little town, where we took a Catamaran for a sea trip. It was the best finish to the hard week, as I could finally relax and swim in the crystal blue water of the red sea. Unfortunately we didn’t spot any dolphins, but it was still an awesome trip.


Now I’m back on track and preparing for the upcoming world tour and Polish tour events, Tarifa – Łeba – Fuertaventura – Jastarnia – Niemcy ! It’s going to be stressful and tiring summer for me but after I finish all that I will go back to Egypt to enjoy my private kiteboarding sessions !!!

Stay Tuned



Photos: Alexander Lewis-Hughes, Anna Kłossowska, Kite House