Category : contest, news Cze 23rd, 2015

Second victory at the World Tour event this year is again amazing for me :) I mean who doesn’t like to win ?


I know for some of you it feels that I am winning everything right now and that it was just another event in my pocket. However for me winning is something very special, because I’ve been working for that for past 10 years ! I have been on tour since 2006 and this is my 10th year that I try to show that I am the best. Since the beginning I’ve been a good competitor but I wasn’t winning at all.


Back in the day I would have gone to the events and struggle to get a podium place. But I guess everybody has to start somewhere. I can remember all my problems, with my gear, weather and other difficulties that pushed me away from nr.1 or sometimes from the podium place. I took me 7 years before I finally started to win, and  became the world champion. When I look back, it’s been a long ride, but defiantly worth it as now I can happily stand on the first place in multiple events.


What has been my receipt for that ? Definitely my passion to kiteboarding, because at the end of the day I was always grateful that I am able to follow my dreams.