Category : news, travel, video Paź 30th, 2015

Hello !

The pressure on social media grows, and every now and again we find new apps and new solutions for better communication. My main social media outlets are facebook, instagram and my blog, however as an internet explorer I personally also love youtube. I can find information on everything I want and can learn about new things there. I follow yoga channels, photoshop tutorials, how to fix my computer, listen to music and watch all the other random things you can find on youtube. 


I always dreamed about my own channel, however I never had the courage, language skills or video crew to produce one.

I’ve grown up and I am not ashamed of my voice, my english skills or my stupid sayings. I’m working with a film crew lead by my brother with whom I can stay in touch to create the best content possible.


We’ve recorded a lot of videos so I will be able to broadcast them twice a week, and I hope for as long as possible! I’ve tried to cover many topics so everybody will be able to find something interesting. I will talk mainly about kiteboarding, my sessions, freestyle tricks, my gear, but also about my life, my feelings and about my dearest friends !!!

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 4.20.38 PM

To stay tune, subscribe to my youtube channel youtube.com/karolinawinkowska

And please give me some thoughts about my videos, reply in the comments or by private message so I will be able to create better content for all of you!


Karolina ✌︎